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Hello ya'll! And welcome to my little corner of the you will find an array of topics from psychology and politics to the arts and music and some geeking out to Doctor Who and Supernatural. Pro Destiel!!

So alittle bit about myself, I am 32, married and have twin girls under the age of 2 whom I talk about CONSTANTLY! Did you pay attention to the title? Yeah, we have a bit of a unconventional relationship. I have two boyfriends, whom I always refer to as "B" and "RR" for autonomy concerns and then me and my husband share a girlfriend whom I will always refer to as "L".  My daughters have nicknames and we refer to them as "Gigi" and "Mimi".

I love to write. I have been in the writing circut since '98. I had a book series for young adults called "Your Choice Amy" series. If you can't find it, its alright. I was young; it was self published. Bare minimum but I was proud of them--and still am.

So, I've decided to take a little bit different approach: start a blog, gain an audience who are in love with my style of writing and creativity and THEN smack them with the book deal. AHA Eureka!! I cracked the code!

Along with my untraditional lifestyle, I have various unconventional thoughts with an inappropriately thrown in swear word or two but I promise I'll try to keep the cursing to a minimum.

I talk about love. I talk about sex. I talk about LGBTQ community. I post links about polyamory in the media, parenting, books, liberal politics, arts and crafts, recipes, pets and my daily life in general. Why am I posting all this? Well, I don't want someone to get blind sided and realize that I support gay marriage and pro choice and polyamory and things not everyone is for. So for those of you who are totally against everything or some of the things I like to talk about, then you don't have to follow me. You don't have to comment. Hell, you can follow whomever you want and you don't have to say a word! Sorry for the swear word.

My point is I will always be respectful of other people's beliefs, values, parenting skills, sex education, whether they have a menstrual cycle or not...but I will not tolerate bullying or trolling or even bashing of any kind on my page.

So, now that we got that nasty little thing out of the way, on with the show!!!

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